Mission Critical

Mission Critical

Brentwood Mission Critical is an independent specialist service provided by the Brentwood Group. We have the resource and experience to provide Mission Critical Infrastructure upgrade designs, project management and added value expertise to Telco, Co-Lo and Data Centre Owners. Our Mission Critical specialists allow us to deliver complex infrastructure upgrades projects to existing facilities.  

Our specialist team focus on the upgrade / replacement sector, where we have unique challenges to find bespoke engineering solutions to upgrade or retrofit within live environments. We have a very hands on approach; considering changeovers, switching strategies, contingency plans and temporary solutions to ensure a well-managed engineered solution without any downtime. 

Our core services include:

  • Mission Critical Design
  • Planning & Consulting
  • Program Management. 
  • Risk Management & Resilience
  • Technical Services
  • Cost / Budget Management
  • Technical Services
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